SKII Genoptics

I’ll be breaking down the process on how i derive to this KV in terms of crafting. The idea however did not originate from me but from the team working on it.

Now, to the processes.


This was some time ago, I wanted to create a sea of light bulbs floating towards the main product, overwhelmed by the vast light bulbs, the hero product gloriously stood at the top of the beautiful chaos.

Building the Key Visuals

In this process, to achieve efficiency creating an every changing Key visual the for client, I’ve decided to use 3D to explore the possibilities of altering and changing the visuals efficiently without losing much time.
Building the lightbulb and the hero product is fairly simple.

Layout test to try and achieve the sea of light bulbs.

3D Render of another way of depicting the sea of light bulbs. After a few revisions and comps, it turned out like this.