Tiger Beer Key Visual Exploration

Chinese New year Illustration or Key Visual developed for a pitch. I’ll be showing the Illustration process for this particular key visual development.

If you are able to see the Chinese word “合” illustrated subtly below, I congratulate you. 🙂 That was the intention from the start, however the feedback from my CD was that its too subtle…

Here is the process in GIF format (might take awhile to load)

This visual wasn’t used but its a good learning point.

Another interesting visual explored without a concept with @yufei was to replace the tiger logo with Chinese oranges. Just visually intriguing. When we celebrate Chinese new year in Singapore, it is custom to give 2 Chinese oranges to the elders hosting the feast. Why not do it with style?

Close up of the oranges
Another style of visuals explored around the space of calligraphy writings
Ushering New Beginnings

Thanks for viewing!

When drinking too much tiger beer